Tom Maher Multimedia Videos

Here's a selection of the video work that I've created in the last few years. I really enjoy the process of making videos, from doing the lighting, sound, camera framing, interviewing, recording and editing, but also turning what was once a concept to something that becomes more than the sum of its parts. 

Hurley maker and fixer Seosamh Breathnach explains how he got into hurling and how he started up his own hurley making business as well as the process behind making the perfect hurley.

A video I made for IES Abroad Dublin on getting around on Public Transport in the Capital.

A short video on Ramadan Bettamer AKA DJ Ram, who is the owner and co-founder of InDub Reggae Store, Ireland's first and only exclusively reggae music shop.
A video I made of my local barbershop Killester Barbers, where I chatted to its owner about he started out as a barber, his family connections to his business and the reasons behind the barbershop's 28 year longevity
A video I made about Jennie Flynn and Anne Lynott, co-owners of the lovely Designist Store on South Great Georges Street, Dublin.
A short video I made on the heart and soul of Templebar's tourism trade: Freddie the Leprechaun! Thanks a mill to Louis for all the help in allowing me to make this video!
Here's a video I made on one of the great hidden gems of Dublin, Asia Market! Definitely worth a look if you're in town, if not just for its sheer authenticity. Thanks to Eva and Nigel for all their help in allowing me to make this video!
Liam Flannery and Sam Madden are two of the emerging Freestylers coming from the freestyle footballer community in Ireland. Here they talk about how they got into freestyle, what makes it unique and how they go about promoting themselves to the public.
Horologist and Owner of Timepiece Antiques Kevin Chellar speaks about his interest in Horology and what Timepiece offers as a business
This is the story of Andres Fernandez, a bike mechanic who works in Maipu con Huerfanos in downtown Santiago. 76 years old with no plans of retiring just yet, this story takes a look at the daily happenings in his workshop, and how he came about becoming a bike mechanic in the first place.