Jim Cartwright's Two at the Viking Theatre, Clontarf

Was really good to be back at the Viking Theatre to take some productions shots for Jim Cartwright's Two, a Loose Tea production starring Andrew Murray and Niamh McGrath, and directed by Elyn Friedrichs. There was a lot to play around with here, as there were so many characters, different costumes and different emotions, all played by the two actors. They managed to make the stage look huge and there was some very inventive us of putting an actual bar to the side of the stage. That's certainly one way to attract an audience! It runs until 11th August and you can find more information about it here. 

Well That's What I Heard by Thommas Kane Byrne at Theatre Upstairs

Some production shots of Thommas Kane Byrne's wonderfully manic new show Well That's What I Heard. I'd a lot of fun with this, as the three actors were so expressive throughout, and visually I was given so much to photograph in front of me. Loved the show too! Unfortunately it's only on for one more night, but I can imagine it will be hitting a theatre at some point in the near future very soon! Written and Directed by Thommas Kane Byrne (TKB) and performed by Ciara Ivie, Courtney Black, , Ericka Roe. For more info check out https://www.theatreupstairs.ie/well-thats-what-i-heard

Lyrics by Tom Moran at Theatre Upstairs, Dublin

Some production shots taken for Lyrics, the wonderful new show written by Tom Moran in association with Squad Productions, starring Tom Moran and Danielle Galligan. Got to catch it as an audience member on the night too and I really liked it. A non pretentious story delivered by two wholly likeable leads, with that nice hook throughout the show of what will She decide to do at the end. Running till this Saturday 14th April at Theatre Upstairs.