Over The Top Wrestling Contenders The Hangover 2 August 19th Ringside Club

Had a lot of fun once more being back at the National Stadium to photograph Over The Top Wrestling's Contenders Hangover 2 event. For 3 hours it's a superb day out, and you could tell everyone was buzzing throughout the show. The lighting is always great, the theatrics are all wonderfully exaggerated, yet it's the sheer commitment these people put into each event that always stands out. There are some outrageous stunts in all of it and sometimes when they look injured it's impossible to know whether it's for real or not. Here are some of the shots of the day below...

Over The Top Wrestling's ScrapperMania IV at the National Stadium, Dublin

I don't normally upload a ton of pictures on one post, but seeing that this is a photo story of the event itself, I thought why not and show all of what these wrestlers put themselves through when they're in the ring. It was an exhausting event to photograph. Four hours of non stop moving to the action, all the while being wary of the action coming too close towards you! The expressions, athleticism and showmanship of these performers make it an exceptional event to photograph, and to be a part of in the audience of course too!