Eoin Glackin and KASMS at the Workmans December 1st

Always great to photograph old pal Eoin Glackin live, with KASMs aka Eoin Keely in support.

KASMS Promo Photoshoot

Was great to get to take some promotional shots for KASMS, Eoin Keely's latest musical project. It was a fairly grim day when we did the shoot, but we maximised the half decent weather when we got it, and the locations that we found, even if that meant climbing on roofs, sitting on a couch in the lashing rain, climbing in through broken windows or walking into the freezing Dollymount water. You could see Eoin's commitment to the project and it really fed off on me as the photographer for the shoot. It inspired me to go for a swim in Dollymount a week later, though in far sunnier, drier and warmer conditions! Anyway here are some of the shots below...