Cherry Comedy at the Vodafone Comedy Festival

It’s been a nice surprise getting to photograph so many comedians in Dublin, and a nicer suprise to see them all together at the weekend for the Vodafone Comedy Festival. While the photos were relatively straightforward to get, the hardest part was tipping round everyone’s hands and avoiding knocking down the drinks of those who were sitting on the ground for it. Thankfully no fingers were stood on or beers flipped over during the comedy set, at least not by me anyway!

Photo Shoot with Duane Doogan

Got to photograph comedian Duane Doogan in town recently. Had a lot of fund walking around choosing the particular locations around Camden Street and the fact that Duane is the co-founder and resident MC at the popular Cherry Comedy at  Whelans gave us easy access to use the venue as spot for some more shots too…

Check out more of Duane’s and Cherry Comedy’s stuff at

Fiona Frawley Photos Session

Recently photographed comedian Fiona Frawley to promote her upcoming comedy gigs. Was good craic coming up with ideas and then carrying them out when everything’s planned out. Often though it’s those spontaneous, immediate opportunities that come up that give you the best pictures to work with. I like the photo of her with the blue background the most, probably because of the red jumper she’s wearing, it’s like there are only three colors in the image: the background, the jumper, and the wonderful expression on her face. Simplicity is key for many photos and I think it works best in this case too. But sure you can make your mind up to which ones you like below…

Also you can often find Fiona performing as part of the Cherry Comedy group at Whelans, here’s a link to their FB page for more info: