Fashion Shoot with CHS Villach Austria

Was surprised and excited to be asked to do a fashion photo shoot of an Austrian school that were coming to Dublin for a week on a language course. I’d never done a proper fashion shoot before, and when I looked at the quality of the imagery on the school’s website (you can find the cool imagery here ) I knew it wasn’t a case of just turning up with a camera and pressing click. The preparation paid off as we got two lovely days for the shoot, as well as having students who were very committed to carrying out the shoots properly. You realise too as a local, how beautiful Dublin can be when you take a step back and observe what’s around you. A lot of pictures were taken but I’ve included some of the photos below. Thanks to CHS Villach, especially Gerhard, Elisabeth and Barbara for all their help, as well as the students for being so committed and professional on both shoots.

Fiona Frawley Photos Session

Recently photographed comedian Fiona Frawley to promote her upcoming comedy gigs. Was good craic coming up with ideas and then carrying them out when everything’s planned out. Often though it’s those spontaneous, immediate opportunities that come up that give you the best pictures to work with. I like the photo of her with the blue background the most, probably because of the red jumper she’s wearing, it’s like there are only three colors in the image: the background, the jumper, and the wonderful expression on her face. Simplicity is key for many photos and I think it works best in this case too. But sure you can make your mind up to which ones you like below…

Also you can often find Fiona performing as part of the Cherry Comedy group at Whelans, here’s a link to their FB page for more info:

Look Good Feel Better Ireland's Make Up Programme

Really enjoyed being asked to record a mini series of videos for Look Good Feel Better Ireland, where a make up artist (in this case the really talented Margaret Heffernan) gives tutorials on how to prepare and apply make up (to the wonderful model Layla de Cogan Chin) . It was a really nice experience to be a part of, and you could honestly feel a more positive energy in the room once the recording was over. They were really great to collaborate with too, and it was nice to go back to doing some video work after a lot of the photography I’ve been doing lately. You can see some of the work from it in the clips below…

For more information on Look Good Feel Better you can find it on their website

The Big Fellow in The Everyman, Cork City

Some productions shots I got of CoMotion Media’s The Big Fellow, directed by Declan Gorman and starring Ian Toner and Ger Adlum in Cork last week. I photographed them while working for Smock a few years back so it was a nice full circle to be photographing the production once more.